About Us

It all started with one bright idea to help others, as much as it helped our family as a frequent traveller.

Going on trips and vacations has always been our life passion as a (big) family. We love every aspect of travelling except for the part where it actually burns a hole in our pocket, wallet and purse.

It was when we decided to plan a trip to overseas in 2019.

This unexpectedly turned into a shopping trip we came to dread for. We discovered that living in a country that is blessed with tropical weather, choices for  cold climate wear is scarce, limited and always overpriced.

Motivated by this very reason, it then inspired us to join forces and form “Baju Sejuk Bundle (BSB)”. A collective of eight like-minded individuals, sharing a common passion and vision but with one ultimate mission – To empower every travel enthusiast with the opportunity to travel in style, all the while offering the utmost affordability. To encourage everyone to take a moment and go explore, to experience their own journey of inspiration, framing the pretty pictures of love, life and everything in between. And not to let money be a hindrance for them to go and travel the world. 

Jom Travel Ramai-Ramai is what we preach, and that is what we are passionate to do continuously. We hope that BSB will continue to become a support market designed to help world travellers with the continuous support from our beloved BSB supporters (BSB Family).

To all our supporters, thank you for letting us cover you like a warm blanket during your holiday. We do hope that you will have an enjoyable shopping experience in our BSB’s Winter Wonderland!


BSB Family